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Google Ads can change your business, if done right. ROI Minds don’t just provide ppc management services to businesses but lead them to profits. We have designed our PPC Management services for small, medium, and large businesses to enhance their profits, revenues, and business.

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ROI Minds provide ROI-Driven Google Ads Management services aiming minimum 300% ROI for your ad spend. We use unique & efficient Google ads strategies designed to run profitable campaigns. Our campaign structures are focused on Granularity and Segregation to segment and identify the top performing items of the campaigns and then scaling them.

Our campaigns craft is based on the users customer journey and buying intent. our ongoing ppc management includes but not limited to the following:

Manual bid optimisation

Keywords Optimisation

Quality score improvements

A/B ad/image split testing

Keywords expansion

Competitor monitoring

Negative keyword optimisation

Image ad creation & split testing

Single keyword ad group tests and optimisation

Retargeting campaign Optimisation

PPC call tracking

landing page improvements

ROI conversion Optimisation

Display campaign Optimisation

Analytics setup and optimization

Bid modifiers

Geo-targeting analysis and optimization

Day and timing segmentation

Ad extension optimisation

New beta releases

Shared Library Optimisation

RLSA optimization

Auction Insights

Impression share Optimisation

Ad copies and customization

Dynamic Ads Optimisation

Ad Extensions Optimisation

Please Note: We currently have an intake for 5 new PPC clients per month. We carefully screen all enquires to ensure that deliver 100% to each. To find out if we’re a good fit for your campaign, Book a meeting with us today!

Success Stories

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We work with multiple 7 figure e-commerce stores to bring them sales at 5x and more ROI from Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display, and Google Remarketing Ads. Google Shopping is our secret weapon to deliver an ROI of 10X and more for the e-commerce stores.


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95% of ads being run on Google send traffic to website service or home pages with zero conversion optimization. Our campaigns differentiate and perform well because of high customized conversion-focused landing pages.


Don’t waste your buy for the customers or leads who are not matured to buy or trying your services. Target hot and ready to buy customers with your ad campaigns using customer journey and buying intent keywords and scarcity methodologies.





Marketing is a combination of art and science. The science is Data and art is copywriting. If you are unable to read and collect your data, you already have lost your campaign. Our campaigns are tied with google Analytics and user behavior tracking to ensure we don’t miss any insights.


Some of the Client’s We’ve Worked with:



To discuss your requirements, concerns, objections, and solutions.


Discovery Call


Getting Access of your Ad accounts, Analytics, Business Discovery, Existing Setup, etc.



Sending you a 3 months step by step strategy to get results that you are looking for with comprehensive competitive research.



Implementation of all approved strategies and methodologies to get profitable campaign results.



Leave the finer details of managing/executing campaigns to experts so you and your team can focus on sales, strategies, and business development.

Reduce the cost of hiring full-time onsite expensive resources.

Enhance workload capabilities with a strong team at the backend.

Avoid juggling of projects with freelancers/contractors by working with a single team.

Handled more than $5Million ad budget profitably.

Have been Generating 5x and More ROI for e-Commerce stores

ROI Focused Campaigns Management

Granular and Data-driven campaigns

No Long-Term Commitments, If you don’t get results, we don’t deserve your money

Dedicated Account Manager

8+ Years Experience

Marketer's Lie, Numbers Don't!









Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clients do you have worked with?

We have helped businesses across verticals like real estate, e-commerce, fashion, education, roofing, automotive, finance, health, beauty, health, B2B and B2C lead generation. We have worked with all kinds of companies from small to large enterprises like BMW, Isuzu, etc.

What is your mix of employees and contractors?

We do not work with contractors and have a full-time in-house teams only. We have dedicated account managers, project managers, and account directors.

What are your core capabilities?

We are a full-scale digital marketing agency and we help a business to market their products/service online profitably. We use the latest strategies and techniques of PPC, SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Landing Pages.

Are you certified?

Yes, We are Google and Facebook Ads certified. We are a partner with Google and Facebook Ads as well.

How would you describe your company culture?

Our company culture is ROI-oriented. We only care for the results and rest we unleash everything.

How is your pricing structured?

We have a flexible pricing structure depending on the project requirements and complexity. We do not charge on the basis of the monthly ad budget. We have a flat fee system.

How long have you been in business?

We are doing PPC for more than 8 years now and have managed more than $5million ad spend.

What is your process to address issues? How do you handle customers who want to cancel their engagement with you?

We have a 12 hour turnaround time and we do active communication on Skype/Slack to keep client and team on the same page. We do believe that we don’t deserve your money if you are not getting profit from our services.

How do you measure results?

We measure results for the ROI.


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