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We use ROI-Focused framework to drive better leads, more sales, and high ROI for your ppc campaigns..



Our PPC Services

Our professionals at ROI Minds have PPC expertise in high converting Google ads campaign strategies for lead generation and e-commerce accounts. The fundamental of our 99% client success rate is extensive market research, deep competitive analysis, high-end landing page optimization, and consistent Google AdWords account optimization.

We take the accountability of your PPC campaigns and work closely to deliver profitable results. At ROI Minds, we believe in numbers and don’t prompt the unrealistic goals and estimation of your campaign. Our team helps you scale systematically and profitability through controllable testing and experiments.

1 Google Shopping Ads

One of the best advertising method for e-commerce stores. If you’re not able to harness the power of Google shopping ads, you simply left more than 50% of your profits on table. We were able to generate 3000% ROI for our clients through Google Shopping Ads.


2 Google search Ads

95% people run Google search ads in the wrong way. They don’t target them to specific users with specific offer. The best feature of Google Search ads is clear user intention. We use intent based ads targeting to deliver high quality conversions.


3 Google Remarketing Ads

Follow your website visitors everywhere through Google Remarketing Ads. Show the exact product or page they have visited on the website with a better offer and message. Drive 2X more revenue with Google remarketing campaigns. Let us know if you need help!


4 Google Call-Only Ads

More than 80% traffic is from mobile devices and if you use Google call-only ads you get calls directly from the ad clicks without paying anything extra. We’ve been able to generate more than 1000 calls per month for our clients for a small ads budget.


5 Youtube Ads

Being the Number 2nd search engine, Youtube ads has a big role to improve the ROI of a successful marketing campaign. Be it remarketing audience, awareness, or direct leads. Youtube ads aren’t just great for branding but direct advertising as well.

6 Google Express

It’s the latest edition in Google solutions for e-commerce stores. Google express is being said a competitor of Amazon. We have expertise of optimising Amazon accounts and would bring the same speciality in Google express as well. It’s a rival of Amazon.

7 Local PPC Ads

If your business depends on the Footfall then Google local ads are the solution. Bring more foot traffic to your store directly from the Google maps by showing ads at the right moment. Be it the call-only ads or direction ads, users will find you on the maps.

8 Google Display Ads

Google has the largest inventory of website and apps to show display ads. Optimisation of the profitable traffic is a skill and art and we do it on the day to day basis. Target best audience with the available features like household income, interests, affinity, etc.


At ROI Minds, we provide intent-based PPC services to eCommerce stores. We categorize targeted users in three groups.

Awareness – First stage of customer journey- when a user discovers your business, product or services.

Consideration – Second stage of the marketing funnel- This is the stage where the user takes interest in your business, product or services.

Decision Making – This is the final stage- Here, the user takes a decision to buy your services or products.

At ROI Minds, this is how we make a difference. We cut the fluff- things we do is done from a client’s perspective and is directly tied to enhance your brand’s presence online. No fancy jargon, no mirrors or smoke, and no Secret sauce recipe. Our strategies are deeply rooted in data and analytics, therefore, we have the expertise to actually showcase you what’s working and what’s not!


We use Full-Funnel PPC strategy to drive maximum revenues for an eCommerce store. On average eCommerce stores, the conversion rate is 2% of the website traffic but if you send quality traffic at low CPC it goes up and ends up bringing more ROI.



Our PPC services for lead generation includes Google search ads and Google Call-only Ads. We use our lead generation framework to get low cost yet qualified leads. We understand the importance of the sales pipe and keep it filling with qualified leads.

We’ve experience of generating leads with Google ads for Roofing, Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, Retail Stores, Food Chains, Dentists, Automotive, Construction, and other local businesses.


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